Personal Media

Other than my professional work these are just photos and videos that I took during my time in Ukraine.  

  • Destroyed Russian vehicle's on display on Sofia square near the center of Kiev
  • Military Checkpoint in the outskirts of Lviv
  • A constant sound in the city of Lviv was the air raid sirens as Russian missiles fired from Belarus flew over the city for targets near the city of Odesa. This is the walk that had become routine from my hotel to the local bomb shelter.
  • On the streets of Lviv
  • Ukrainian refugees waiting to cross the Ukrainian-polish border during the beginning months of the war; this line stretched for about 5 miles.
  • Makeshift military checkpoint on the road to Kiev
  • Ambulances waiting to take returning injured soldiers from the frontline at Pasazhyrskyi Train station in Kyiv.
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