Yuri: medical student to medic (pt 1)

In Lviv, I had the opportunity to meet up with some friends who introduced me to Yuri; he's, initially from Luhansk, an area that Russia invaded back in 2014, he now lives in Kiev. He is a medical student that decided to join the Ukrainian military as a medic to help his country fight back against Russian aggression and to help his fellow countrymen. I asked him to describe the invasion of the Donbas in 2014 as a story that is rarely told and has found new meaning and insight within this war for Ukrainian survival. This was during early april a month into the invasion, where he, as well as the country as a whole, was facing an uncertain future. (This interview is abridged and spit into 2 parts)

Yuri: medical student to medic (pt 2)

In this second part of this abridged interview, Yuri talks about the long lasting ramifications of the Russian invasion in Luhansk including the changes to how history was taught to fit a Russian narrative. Also going into how throughout history Russia has tried to destroy the Ukrainian identity. He goes into the result of Russian bombing bringing Ukrainians together under adversity and how its up to his generation to end the cycle of Russian oppression. (Air raid sirens can be heard around 2:52 in)