Crowdsourced media

One of the most important aspects of gaining insight into the war in Ukraine is crowdsourcing media from the Ukrainians themselves to show their experiences.

  • This was taken in Kyiv during a Russian missile attack in late October 2022. My friend (Alex) who is the one in the military uniform is an unofficial medic for the Ukrainian army who was on leave during the time.
  • This was taken by Yaroslav, a friend that I met from Bucha. This was filmed around February 27th, 2022 from his apartment. Luckily he is safe, you can make out firing Russian armored personnel carriers in the tree line.
  • Inside Yaroslav's apartment during the first two days in the war, the blinds are closed to hide from Russian shelling.
  • One of the most unexpected people I talked with was a man named Sergey, who I found via social media. As we were talking, he came under Russian shelling on the frontline and decided to record it.
  • A captured Russian tank in the Kharkiv region. (captured by Sergay)
  • Sergey's unit raised the Ukraine flag over a town recaptured in the summer in the Kharkiv region. (video captured by Sergay)
  • This is the condition of the Ukrainian troops in the trenches near the city of Kharkiv. (captured by Sergay)
  • Sergey was digging a trench somewhere on the frontline. Due to the permafrost during winter, it is very hard to dig trenches. (captured by Sergay)
  • In a captured village near the city of Kharkiv, Sergey's unit came across quickly abandoned Russian positions. (captured by Surgay)
  • Video of a Russian Shahid drone attack in Kyiv, you can hear people firing hunting rifles and small arms to take the drone down. Taken by a neighbor of Anasteysha a Ukrainian student at the Ross school.
  • Vladlen brags about the Russians that he killed in combat in the town of Izum, where the Russians were surrounded by a Ukrainian counter-offense in the fall. His face has been blurred for privacy reasons.
  • Vladlen surveyed the state of Russian equipment that was captured. Comparing it to TV props and not being fit for actual soldiers. With the state of the equipment, these likely belonged to Russian conscripts. (STRONG LANGUAGE)
  • photo_2023-01-23_15-32-15.jpg

    The violence of war admits no distinction; the lance, that is lifted at guilt and power, will sometimes fall on innocence and gentleness. - Author: Samuel Johnson (taken by Sergay)

  • IMG_0522.jpg

    Alex helping a victim of Russian missile strikes in Kiev

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  • IMG_0301 (1).jpg

    Alex with a Javelin missile somewhere on the Kharkiv front during the beginning of the war. The Javelin missile was critical during the beginning of the war to take out Russian tanks and armored personnel carriers . (Taken April 24th 2022)

  • 71033BC8-DE84-4AF0-ABE4-D9EE4C9E32A5.jpeg

    Alex (on the left) with medical persionel in Bakhmut a city in the Donbass that has seen the worst fighting of the entire war. (taken around mid November 2022)

  • DE72C802-BDDA-4D74-9D56-53C5892E02DD.jpeg

    Alex with a grenade in Bakhmut

  • 9462.jpg

    " I will leave some gifts for you"- From a text message Vladlen sent

  • photo_2022-11-05_20-36-41.jpg

    Yuri (top right) operating on a wounded soldier in a hospital close to the frontline.

  • photo_2023-01-17_17-05-17.jpg

    Frontal view of Yaroslav's apartment in Bucha that came under Russian shelling

  • photo_2023-01-17_17-23-32.jpg

    Arial view of Yaroslav's apartment in Bucha

  • photo_2023-01-17_17-23-52.jpg

    steet view of Yaroslav's apartment

  • photo_6_2023-02-12_19-04-05.jpg

    Photos from Yaroslav from the battle for Bucha in early march 2022.

  • photo_7_2023-02-12_19-04-05.jpg

  • photo_5_2023-02-12_19-04-05.jpg

    Handmade explosives made by civilians to fight back against the Russian occupation of an apartment complex. Taken by Yaroslav

  • photo_1_2023-02-12_19-04-05.jpg

    Photos after the battle for Bucha, taken by Yaroslav

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  • photo_4_2023-02-12_19-04-05.jpg

  • photo_2_2023-02-12_19-04-05.jpg

  • photo_2023-01-17_18-35-13.jpg

    Drawing by children Inside Yaraslavs apartment basement that people spent months living in.

  • photo_2023-01-17_18-36-21.jpg

    Ammunation crates near a military outpost in Bucha (taken by Yaroslav)

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    During the first few months of the invasion, Ukrainians blew up this bridge to prevent the Russians from crossing into Kiev. Taken by Diana

  • 326788748_3061939790616776_1936908837157818083_n.jpg

    Taken by Diana around the outskirts of Kiev

  • 326788749_3369385146713155_8733759256870973721_n (1).jpg

    On the road from Kiev to Bucha, taken by Diana

  • photo_2023-01-23_15-31-00.jpg

    Sergay with a Russian mistle that failed to detonate,

  • photo_2023-01-23_18-42-02.jpg

    Sergay on a Ukrainian tank in the Kharkiv region.

  • IMG_0582.jpg

    Injuries that Vladlenin sustained during the summer by stepping on a landmine, fortunately there was no serous injury as he sustained only burns.