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Bucha is a city west of Kyiv, which due to its proximity, saw heavy fighting and was occupied by the Russians until they withdrew in late March when it had become apparent that war crimes on a massive scale took place. That was four months ago, now in August, I decided to visit the city and see for myself the city that resisted Russia, a city that paid the price for that resistance. The roads leading in were marked with the scars of war, while driving, the car began to make a strange hum as we drove over tank tracks embedded. We passed destroyed buildings, artillery firing positions, and minefields. Yet once we got to Bucha, the destruction stopped. The streets that were littered with bodies and burnt cars were clean, and buildings that were destroyed were getting repaired. I was told by my friend Alex who drove me, that the city was completely different four months ago, where was once ruble were grocery stores and apartments. The city was not completely rebuilt and still had a long way to go, as a drive down any secondary or suburban road will tell you. But there is hope that when the fighting is done in the east. The many cities, towns and villages might be able to recover just as quickly. And what was a city of destruction, warcrimes and suffering can become an example of healing.