Lviv, refuge for refugees target for RUSSIAN'S

For two weeks, I had the incredible opportunity to be able to come to Lviv during the Russian invasion. Lviv has been a haven for Ukraine refugees fleeing harder-hit areas in the east and south, yet the Russians were still bombing it. The war was genuine here; sandbags covered basements, ambulances had metal sheeting to cover windows, with no shortage of military personnel, air raid sirens, military checkpoints, and war propaganda. But through it, the city maintains its spirit, resistance, and defiance in the face of the Russian onslaught. The cities rich culture, history and people stand defiant as the city braces from every missile attack, pondering whether the city will become a battlefield and it would be up to them to defend from the Russians.

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    Mural with the text: "In Honor of the Heroes of Ukraine" that depicts both a modern day and partisan soldiers standing side by side. Recognizing the efforts that Ukrainian partisans made during WW2 to fight both the Nazis and The Soviet Union. Found near a metro station in downtown Lviv.

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    The main government building in Lviv now boarded up with sand bangs and guarded 24/7. I was almost arrested here for taking photos.

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    This is what used to be one of the many museums that cover Lviv's rich history. Now being used as a improvised bomb shelter to shelter civilians during the many air raids the city face.

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    Another angle from the same musiem

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